Start developing your mindfulness skills by observing a single object.
Mental Body Scan
Learn to relax your body and strengthen your mind-body connection.
Internal vs. External
Is your orientation toward internal or external events? Create balance.
Describe Your Emotions
Delve into the emotions you experience and the associated actions and thoughts.
Mental Noting
Mental noting helps you become more aware of your thoughts and emotions.
Thought Diffusion
Create space between you and unproductive thoughts and emotions.
Mindful Breathing
Calm your mind when you are feeling anxious or uncomfortable.
Wise Mind
Make decisions that balance your rational and emotional mind.
Negative Judgments
Become aware of automatic and unproductive negative judgments.
Letting Go of Judgments
Reduce the impact of unwanted judgments on your thoughts.

Comments About Mindfulness

  1. I just found this website while looking for some resources for a client who prefers video/audio options vs. written materials. Holy smokes! I am so grateful that these videos and handouts have been made freely available. Wonderful resource. THANK YOU!

  2. I am SO happy I just found this website.
    I’ve tried to find something like this for many years. I could never find anything and always wanted to start something up myself but never found the motivation. DBT is one of the reasons I am still here today. I’m excited to share this with everyone I know.

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"Going through all the DBT worksheets really helped me rethink the way I was approaching my life. Thank you!"

- Tillie S.

"Life changer! I struggled with depression and anxiety before I did this course. Do it!"

- Suzanne R.

"I started doing your worksheets a month ago. My therapist says they helped us make faster progress in our sessions."

- Eduardo D.

"Stick with it. It really works. Doing these exercises every day helped me get over a really bad spell of depression."

- Juliana D.