Recognizing Your Emotion
Recognize the primary emotions and secondary emotions that follow.
Being Effective
Set goals and create actionable steps to help you reach those goals.
Emotions & Physical Vulnerability
See how your habits influence you well-being. What do you need to change.
Emotions & Cognitive Vulnerability
Examine distortions in your patterns of thinking and make adjustments.
Self Validation
Accept your emotions. Acknowledge, allow, and accept how you feel.
Myths About Emotions
Examine common misconceptions about emotions and how they are influencing you.
Emotion Exposure
Learn to avoid blocking negative emotions and become comfortable with the sensation.
Balancing Emotional Urges
Reduce ineffective urges by balancing them with their opposites.
Problem Solving
Proactively prepare for difficult situations.
Mastery & Coping Ahead
Master essential building block tasks in your life.

Comments About Emotion Regulation

  1. I have just found this website while for looking for resources for my clients. It’s amazing! I need to start by doing it myself so I can share it with others.

  2. This looks like a DBT thing I did in the past. Was amazing. Time to take control of my mental health again, because I’m getting really off kilter again

  3. The resources on this page are fantastic. Thank you for teasing out the different facets of DBT and making it clear to understand. DBT can be an incredibly useful treatment option for several psychological disorders and it is great that clients can access FREE resources like these on their own.

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"Going through all the DBT worksheets really helped me rethink the way I was approaching my life. Thank you!"

- Tillie S.

"Life changer! I struggled with depression and anxiety before I did this course. Do it!"

- Suzanne R.

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- Eduardo D.

"Stick with it. It really works. Doing these exercises every day helped me get over a really bad spell of depression."

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